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Cooking Dried Black Beans in an Instant Pot

11 January, 2018 / by Joyce and Colleen

A few years ago, when I began the journey of removing processed foods from my diet, I decided to start preparing my own beans from scratch (I had purchased beans in a can for years). This might sound overwhelming (it did to me at first), but it is much easier than you think. And, the benefits are rewarding! Number #1, you can lower your monthly grocery bill and save a significant amount of money by preparing your own dried beans from scratch. Number #2, you can avoid all those unwanted additives. You simply use water and a touch of salt if desired. Number #3, you can avoid the toxins found in the can linings (which has become a big thing these days). And if you are like me, I try to avoid as much toxic load as possible.

Today, there are individuals avoiding beans due to their lectin content, but with all the nutritional benefits black beans have to offer, we believe beans, when properly cooked, offer great health benefits. With the new Instant Pot coming on the scene, it makes preparing dried beans a much simpler task than the stove top cooking method (still a great method to use if you do not have an instant pot). Check out page 121 in our book Eating Pure In A Processed Foods World® for more details on preparing dried beans.

Rinse the dried beans you are about to soak. Once the beans have been rinsed, place two cups of beans, in a glass bowl, in 6 cups of water for 12 to 24 hours. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the soaking water to boost the neutralization of lectins. Stir and cover.

Drain (discard water) and rinse beans thoroughly in a colander.

Add rinsed beans and approximately 2-1/2 to 3 cups of water to instant pot so the water just barely covers the beans. (If you are not soaking the beans prior to cooking them in the instant pot, you will need to add more water.)

Secure the lid and turn the valve to “sealing” position.

Select the Manual setting or the Bean/Chili setting. We have used both settings for our beans.

Set time for 10 minutes using the plus sign. The time may need to be altered based on the type of bean and elevation.

The “on” light will appear while the Instant Pot is heating up. I have had the heating time take 20 to 25 minutes.

When the beans are finished cooking, turn the valve to “venting” position. When you release the pressure, do so carefully to make sure you do not get burned by the steam when released. I like to use a long-handled wooden spoon to turn the valve to the venting position.

Once the steam is released, carefully remove the cover. Drain the beans and use in your favorite recipes. (I like to do several batches and stock my freezer.)

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