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Ready to rid your diet of harmful, processed foods and enjoy a fresh approach to eating? Learn how to grow, preserve and prepare food from fresh ingredients that are delicious and good for you. Over 300 recipes you’ll love!

Farm Girl Fresh - Eating Pure in a Processed Foods WorldEating Pure in a Processed Foods World™ is an informative and motivating book designed to help you turn back the hands of time and discover the original, healthy way of eating delicious, pure and natural foods. Authors, Joyce Kaping and Colleen Anderson, have put their heart and soul into this book and share with you years of experience, as well as 100’s of healthy, tasty recipes they have created while on their own personal journey to better health. From Apples to Zucchini, they guide you through the basics of growing, preserving and preparing better foods for a better you.

This resource book is packed full of gardening tips, step-by-step directions for canning, freezing and dehydrating for over 30 fruits and vegetables; and over 300 recipes that are good for you and delicious, too! Learn why and how to avoid the foods that adversely affect your health, and discover the many benefits of home-style cooking by planning your meals around fruits and vegetables.

It is Joyce and Colleen’s passion to share with you—and upcoming generations—how to live an abundant life by growing together in truth through faith, family, food and friendships.


Here are some testimonials we received on our book…


I have pretty much made every meal our family has eaten since the conference  from your cookbook  and I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased and blessed we have been! I have two other people who have bought your cook book based on my recommendation and have started using it. My sister and I even started a GINORMOUS garden with your book in one hand and starter plants in the other. Your book has really taken our endeavor toward giving our family a healthy start in this poisonous world a whole new level! Cassie D.

So many times on our ‘healthy eating journey’ we have heard, “It’s simple! Just cook like Grandma used to!” And, while that is true- it IS simple to just COOK like Grandma used to.  The thing is, Grandma didn’t have to contend with Little Debbie and Caribou!  As adults, we know that we should be eating nourishing foods and we know what it takes to BE a nourishing food.  But, for parents trying to instill healthy eating in our children, it’s not that easy.  The processed foods appear so much more fun and colorful—while “healthy food” has a reputation of being bland and boring (let’s face it, adults might think this, too!) Enter in Farm Girl Fresh!  These ladies have each been on ‘healthy eating journeys’ of their own and have shared their wealth of knowledge and recipes in this amazing book!  They put the excitement back into healthy eating—by spicing it up for adults (and contending with Caribou in their Pumpkin Chai Latte- with NO artificial ingredients!) and including so many fun snack (and other) ideas for little ones (smoothies, muffins, chocolate syrup…The list is seriously endless!  Of course, there are also many recipes for mealtime things– from soups, to sandwiches, to whole chickens, etc.).  In the book, they mentor you all the way from planting, caring for, harvesting, and preserving the crops (if you so choose) to preparing it in a way that you won’t even miss the processed version!  We have made 1 or more things from this book every day since we’ve had it! – Lindsay B.

Our family is absolutely falling in love with this cookbook!  I would highly recommend everyone check this book out!! -Whitney C.

I have read this book, every word, from cover to cover, and can easily say this cookbook is my favorite.  I love the pictures.  I love the authors. I love the message. – Candace B.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Farm Girl Fresh cookbook!  It has AMAZING healthy recipes and ideas that your whole family will love. – Annie P.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! It has changed the way we eat. It’s so nice to be able to make meals and have your kids actually eat them. If you haven’t purchased their book already, I highly recommend it. The recipes are practical, family-friendly, and healthy. Thank-you Farm Girl Fresh for taking the stress out of my meal planning! – Rebecca B.

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