Farm Girl Fresh: Mentoring You from the Garden to Your Table

Farm Girl Fresh: Healthy Eating from Garden to Table

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    Ready to rid your diet of harmful, processed foods and enjoy a fresh approach to eating? Learn how to grow, preserve and prepare food from fresh ingredients that are delicious and good for you. Over 300 recipes you’ll love!

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    We’ve been asked many times by our readers what products we would recommend.  Here are a few of the products we use in our cookbook and in our recipes.  Check back often, we will continue to add products we use!  Click on the item below to purchase on Amazon. Please note:  Farm Girl Fresh is […]

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    Looking for vendors in your area to purchase local sustainable food? Farm Girl Fresh recommends checking out the following links to resources which can help you on your journey of eating pure.
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    Food Waste

    August 13, 2018
    A beautiful life is never perfect – I have this sign hanging in my dining room. And it is a good reminder for me,

    How to Can Dill Pickles

    August 8, 2018
    We’ve been asked many times about how we can our pickles, so we thought we’d teach you! 

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